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Data Checking Aptitude Tests: What Do They Test For And How Can You Succeed?

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Have you been asked to take a data checking aptitude test for an employment opportunity you're interested in? Are you wondering what this test will be like and looking for some tips to help you succeed? If so, the below information is for you.

What Is A Data Checking Aptitude Test?

If you've been asked to take a data checking aptitude test, you're likely applying for a clerical or data entry position. These tests are designed to gauge your ability to spot errors between two or more sets of data. 

Each question on your test will consist of 2 or more sets of data. This data may take on the form of lists of names, addresses, or telephone numbers, or it may consist of strings of numbers or code. You'll have a limited amount of time to complete your test. 

How Will Your Test Be Evaluated?

The difficult part of data checking tests isn't answering the questions correctly; it's answering the questions correctly within the time limits given. Comparing similar data is relatively simple, and most people would score high on these tests if given enough time. The difficult part is completing it in the time. A typical data checking test consists of between 20 and 40 questions, of which you're usually allowed 10-20 minutes to complete. This means you'll likely only have between 30 seconds and 1 minute to complete each question. What your employer is looking for is your ability to complete the test accurately within the time frame you're given.

How Can You Boost Your Odds Of Successfully Completing Your Test?

Now that you understand what a data checking test consists of and what your potential employer desires of your test results, check out the below tips to help you succeed.

Practice Targeted Tests. 

It's a good idea to go online and look for some sample tests to take before your big day, but make sure you look for the right kind of aptitude tests. There are a minimum of 5,000 aptitude tests on the market, each encompassing the ability to detect a particular set of skills. If your potential employer has told you you'll be given a data checking aptitude test, don't just look for sample aptitude tests -- look for sample data checking aptitude tests. Otherwise, you'll be wasting your time brushing up on skills you won't be tested for.

Wear A Watch. 

While deep in concentration during your test, you may begin to feel as though you're spending too much time on each question. This can result in your feeling flustered and making unnecessary errors. Wear a watch to your aptitude test, and before you start the test, ask the test giver how many questions there are and how much time you'll be allotted for the test. Divide the time you'll be given by the number of questions to determine how many seconds you can spend on each question. If you exceed your time limit on a question, move on to the next. It's better to have one wrong answer than to not answer 5 questions because you got hung up on one in the beginning of the test.

If you've been asked to take a data checking aptitude test for an employment opportunity you're interested in, don't worry; these tests aren't difficult and the above tips can help you succeed. If you'd like more information on what your data checking aptitude will be like or would like some help brushing up on your data checking abilities before your test, contact an adult and continuing education facility in your area.

If you're ever in doubt about how you can best prepare for aptitude questions, it never hurts to consult your potential employer on what their expectations are.