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3 Reasons To Earn An Associate's Degree In Medicine As An Adult

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If you feel like you are in a dead-end career but do not want to invest four years in college earning a degree, you may want to consider going back to school at a community college to earn an associate's degree. This type of degree is something you can earn in approximately two years, and it will offer a great way to find a job that pays more than the one you currently have. While there are numerous educational paths you can take, looking into a two-year degree program in the medical field is a great option. Here are three reasons this might be right for you.

Many Medical Occupations Only Require An Associate's Degree

Working in the medical field offers a way to help people and get paid to do so, and many jobs in this line of work do not require bachelor's degrees. Here are some of the careers you could have with two-year degrees:

  • Nurse
  • Dental hygienist
  • Physical therapy assistant
  • Radiological Technician

These careers have average salaries that range from $46,000 to $57,000 a year, and they only require associate degrees. If you are earning significantly less than this, or if you do not like the type of work you are currently doing, attending a community college might be the right answer for you.

It's Easier To Afford The Fees

The one factor that stops a lot of people from furthering their educations is money. The cost of college can be expensive, but community colleges typically offer educations for a fraction of the price of four-year colleges and universities.

A typical four-year college education costs approximately $9,139 per year if you attend a public college. If you multiply this times four and add in inflation, you will probably end up spending well over $40,000 at the minimum to earn a four-year degree. You will also have to invest four years of your life into the program.

On the other hand, the average cost of a two-year program at a community college is around $3,347 per year. This means that you could have a degree and the ability to have a better career for under $7,000 total. In addition, you will have your degree in approximately two years, which means you will be able to start earning more money faster.

Community Colleges Are Geared Towards Adults

Finally, you should consider the differences in four-year colleges and colleges that offer two-year degree programs. One of the big difference is money, but another key difference is the target market of these different types of schools. Colleges that offer four-year degree programs typically cater towards young people, while community colleges are often catered towards working adults.

The benefit of this is that you might be able to obtain your degree without quitting your current job. You might be able to find a program that offers evening or weekend classes, and some colleges offer classes that meet only once a week. If this is an important factor to you, attending a community college to earn an associate's degree would probably be a good option to look into.

Finally, when you earn a two-year degree, you should realize that you could always continue your education by transferring to another school. If you really enjoy school, or if you want to find an even better job, you might be able to transfer your credits to another school. By doing this, you could attend a school for another two years and earn a bachelor's degree.

It is never too late to get an education, and starting with an associate's degree is a great place to begin. To learn more about 2-year programs, consider contacting schools like Chatfield College.